We returned to Dhasa to work with a focused group of 16 girls this time round. 16 sunny smiles that powered through a grueling rehearsal schedule.

And although it was heartbreaking to narrow the lot down to that figure, we had to carefully select only those whom we thought would be able to take on the rigours that lie ahead.

This lot was a force to reckon with.
(And we never, for one second, doubted that when they were chosen.)

They have practiced like professionals, danced their hearts out and limbs off, been in discomfort and yet showed up to class and really fought for their place in this lot!

They have laughed and cried and persevered through so much pain and hard work as the rigors of Classical Dance opened up to them more than before.

They've trained like only girls can.
And this, as we all know, is just the beginning.

We're seeing Classical Dance find home in big hearts and pretty, little girls, here in this rural heartland.
And it's simply gratifying!

What a lesson for us this has been.
Kids teach you. In more ways than are acknowledged.
And they make you want to show up and shape up, no matter what!

To them, we owe our Rural Outreach 2.0
If it wasn't for their effort and unflinching commitment, this week-long endeavour at the end of November would've been very different.

Until we meet again, practice, please!
And surprise us, again!