We have just come through our Tenth Rural Outreach Program, here in Dhasa.
We’re at a pinnacle of sorts, not simply because we’ve hit double digits but more significantly because our girls performed their very first showcase, titled
“FIRE” at the end of this particular stint. And it was FIRE all along.

FIRE was performed.
FIRE was felt.

FIRE was lit by our girls in Red.

Pretty much all our time this time round was put into rehearsing for Performance Day.
We picked FIRE to pay tribute to because it is an element of both extremes – turbulence and calm. Bharata Natyam is also the ‘Dance of Fire’ and Classical
Ballet too can be fiery in its many choreographies and renditions. And yet, both Art forms allow moments of steadiness, holds and poise.
It is almost logical that our first showcase was also an ode to the Goddess of Fire for we credit her for all our intensity, passion, madness and obsession – our Junoon.

The performance was a culmination and synopsis of sorts of everything they have gathered through every single one of our Outreach Programs thus far. They danced the Classical Dance forms they have come to know – Classical Ballet and Bharata Natyam as well as showcased the routines and preparation that has worked them up to this stage.

Their bodies, stances and expression beamed with clarity, precision and confidence.

Come show day, our girls performed before their own as well as neighbouring villagers. And it was most heartrending to see our audience full of school children. They are the future. Of Art, Culture and everything.

In fact, we had to perform our sets twice to accommodate all the crowd that wanted to come and watch. So, the girls had a double performance!

The crescendo of our Tenth Rural Outreach has been met.

This is Junoon.
We are Junoon.
This is our Junoon.

And yes, while our Tenth has concluded,
And yes, while we want our girls to glow in and with their own FIRE - one they have set.
What they have also set is the bar high for themselves.
Why, with the kind of applause and appreciation they have received.
So, it is important for them to know, what a long way there is yet to go.

Hence, until we meet again,
Regain to Re-Go Girls!