To us, the most special moment in session has got to be when the Advanced batch takes the lead in practice and expression so that our Beginners can take inspiration.

It is a visual treat to watch the younger ones looking up to their seniors and learning a thing or many from them.

This exchange of experiences and practice is what makes Gurukul a safe and supportive environment for budding artists.

Junoon is proud to engender a sisterhood that makes more girls want to take to the Classical Arts.

Their dancing of both Bharata Natyam and Classical Ballet can only get stronger from here, as the older ones fairly, amicably and purposefully guide the younger ones along.

THE JUNOON GURUKUL is after all, an opportunity and platform to further that bit of ancient India that produced wonders through a progressive, healthy and encouraging system of learning and sharing. Art has never needed it more. And our Girls are here to ensure it gets what it needs!