Originally an Urdu word that means passion, madness, intensity, craze and obsession.

We are all dancers.

With or without technique and artistry, everyone moves. Our beats are unique, our needs even more…

Our natural disposition to dance though is a shared highlight of our existence.

In a world that is constantly drawing up lines and walls to keep people out and make made-to-order products out of people, moving along as we are, in our own skin, in the bodies we are given, with minds that are open, is a far more simple, cohesive and solid proposition. Dancing is for everybody.

Our JUNOON aspires to the inclusion of all. There are no boundaries. There are no walls.


JUNOON is fuelled by the certainty that dancing – classical, contemporary, casual or correct – contrary to popular belief, is for everybody.

Even when you stumble and fall, As do we all, JUNOON seeks to put dance at hand when anybody needs to reach out!

Dance is the most powerful Art of non-verbal communication.

It uses and heightens the most natural human stimulus to move.

That this movement can go right to someone’s soul is what makes Dance an Art form. And Art is for everybody, irrespective of age, gender, size, stature, state and stage.

This is everything that’s on offer for everyone.


Characterized by technique, precision, discipline and vigour and necessitating a deep understanding of its nuances, Classical Dance is an institutionalized version of movement. It sets you up for all the dancing you will ever do.

And for the traits it organically cultivates in a dancer, it sets you up for life.


A globally influential and highly technical form of dance, Ballet emerged from the Italian Renaissance, found expression in French vocabularyand has travelled far and wide as a Classical Dance form that most contemporary dance forms are derivatives of.

With roots in royalty that manifestly coats every movement and presence, it is graceful, fierce, dramatic and athletic, inculcating the distinct ability to tell a story within those that dance it.


From Southern India, comes the exquisite dance form, Bharata Natyam.

A comprehensive, theatrical art form, it incorporates vibrant movement, intricate rhythmic footwork and a stylized gestural vocabulary with nuanced facial expression, an evocative form of communication.

The dance is incomplete without music, poetry and sculpture from which it draws inspiration.

Energetic, graceful and spiritual, Bharata Natyam is considered a form of Yoga, integrating mind, body and spirit



Dance, is rarely ever and wrongly learnt in isolation.

JUNOON places emphasis on a well-rounded training design to ensure the full and complete development of a dancer. The body is strengthened and conditioned with the right mix of Yoga, Pilates, Calisthenics and Mat Work to build a dancer’s core.

JUNOON underscores the exchange of stories, literature and theories that complement dance. Storytelling works a dancer’s mind.

They progress to assimilate drama into dance and therefore, become storytellers themselves.


In a sincere attempt at inclusion, Out of a love and respect for other dance forms and individual choices, Cognizant of the necessity to provide variety in training and teaching,
JUNOON engages our foundation in Classical Dance to impart instruction in Contemporary, Lyrical and Folk Dance.


Dancing through pregnancy is a delicate Art.

JUNOON encourages women to dance through a pre and post-natal plan to strengthen, shape and support their changing bodies and eventually regain the physique and agility they wish to.

Although the plan is a fittingly more sensitive compilation of what dancers would typically adhere to in general training, it ensures the dancing is customized to the needs of every bump, carefully watched, done right and doesn’t stop!

Dancing is for us all. And there’s something for everyone in it.