On a night in September, for the very first time ever, over two years into our Rural Outreach, we, at Junoon, conducted an introductory session comprising Yoga, Stretching and Movement for the women of the remote village of Dhasa.

We gathered together at a time when they have come through all their household duties - the very end of the day - at a street corner where they typically get together to celebrate, gossip and discuss daily affairs.

Our girl squad that accompanied us on this endeavour proved to be a great help in working with the women, as they jumped in to help demonstrate and correct. Thank you Girls! 🤍

We addressed our audience full of cheerful, playful and earnest women, explained to them what we typically do through our sessions in Junoon, how it has benefited us over time and the sheer joy of movement.

We placed emphasis on their physical and mental health, telling them how crucial it is for them to take care of themselves and just how much movement will help!

For now, we have parted agreeing to draw out a list of participants and a time and place suitable to them, to ensure they are engaged in a constant practice such as this one. We wish to welcome them into a regular routine that will change the way they move, feel and keep.

We look forward to working with the women of Dhasa and hope to find a functional schedule that isn't too demanding of their already laborious lives. And certainly hope to make them feel better, in their bodies and therefore, minds!

This is Junoon. And this is as much a movement to empower as it is to enable an awareness and diffusion of Classical Dance.

(Please do take a look at our 'Outreach' portfolio in the 'Portfolios' section of this website for more on Junoon's intentions at being a "Movement".)