The First Rural Outreach Program

For a fortnight through September-October 2021, Junoon conducted its first ever on-field operation in the village of Gopalgram, a division of erstwhile Dhasa situated in the State of Gujarat in India.

This program inducted girls inhabiting the region into the wonders and rigours of Classical Dance - both Bharata Natyam and Classical Ballet - as well as Artistic Fitness.

We were fortunate to have girls in the age range of 9 to 15 enrol into the program as those are the very ages at which their bodies can best be prepared, conditioned, moulded and driven to deliver their best, going forward.

Our girls were stunningly responsive, dedicated and deft at picking up on an art form they had barely had any exposure to hitherto this program.

Towards the end of the program, we had set up structures and systems to ensure the girls could persist with their practice until our return. They have been training earnestly ever since. We are with them in spirit, monitoring remotely as best as we can. And we can't wait to go back!