The Junoon Methodology is put to use in our workshops and demonstrative talks for Classical Dance where Dancers across demographics, abilities and tendencies discuss, learn about and engage with the Classical Arts.

At JUNOON, we offer bespoke plans to suit the needs of all.
With our wide range of Dance, Arts and Fitness options we can work within available timelines to curate workshops exclusively for your establishment.
For instance,
1. For schools, museums and learning centres, we design Cross Curricular Arts Programs where Classical Movement complements Academia and subject areas across the board. This enables the mental, physical and creative development of students/participants.
2. For Arts spaces and studios, we design Holistic and Artistic Development Programs premised on Classical Dance.
Our Programs typically combine conditioning, technique and preparatory drills to enable Classical Movement, Dance Theory, Storytelling through Dance, Elements of Literature, Music, Drama and Fine Arts and Personal Experimentation, Innovation and Reflection with the training, lessons, experiences and material delivered.
They are best suited to establishments that are seeking to create a safe and nurturing space for the Arts and for individuals who are actively seeking an immersive and holistic artistic experience.
We are keen to work across age groups and genders, catering to the needs of any and all.
We would be delighted to speak with you to customize a program that best suits your needs and goals.

Artistic Residency, Azerbaijan

Effective May 2024, Junoon has partnered with DanceAbility® Azerbaijan (DAA), in an effort to make movement spaces more inclusive and equitable.
Our Artistic Residency with DAA involves working with the differently abled – physically, mentally, intellectually, the aged and the wounded soldiers – at any and every age – by bringing Classical Movement, Conditioning, Strengthening and Flows into the mix of the
DanceAbility® Method that is being carried to both rural and urban regions of Azerbaijan.
We enter into a cultural exchange as we explore Indian Classical Dance, Ballet technique and Azerbaijani National Dance in the course of our workshops, training sessions and showcases.
With the world renowned DanceAbility® method, we are aiming to foster inclusive communities and overall wellbeing.

Cultural Collaboration, Izmir, Turkey

Effective December 2023, Junoon began presenting Classical Dance at Arts Centres in Izmir, Turkey. Beginning with a demonstrative performance at a Children’s Arts Centre named “Issikent”, Junoon has now entered into a partnership for Classical Arts exchanges with BSB Arts in Izmir, Turkey.

We present and curate performances and workshops of Indian Classical Dance and discover new pathways to intertwine Sufi, Turkish, Balletic and Indian Classical Dance concepts and choreography at the Arts Centre.