Cross Curricular Program


Discover and Design a Program where Classical Movement complements Academia.

Junoon works with students at all levels – in primary, secondary and high school – by having them participate in workshops centred on Classical Movement curated to their current academic pursuits.

The students garner a deeper, more well rounded understanding of a particular area of study by participating in artistic endeavours that accurately encapsulate the essence of the subject, era or lesson they are meant to learn.

For instance, Classical Dance and related Arts exercises, symbols, creations and discussions could help create the zeitgeist of the Medieval Era that would help students have an immersive learning experience of History and Society.

Similarly, workshops are put together to instil a love of nature and communicate concepts such as sustainability, environmental consciousness and safeguarding the planet since the expanse of Classical Dance and Dance theory naturally incorporate imagery and symbols from nature through gestures.

Cross Curricular Program
at the Deutsche School of Bombay (DSB)

We worked with students in Grades 3,4 & 5 on Classical Movement to go with History modules being studied.

And the students were able to put up an impressive theatrical scene by the end of our sessions together!


The students on our Rural Outreach in Dhasa, Gujarat, are currently engaged on this since they already study Sanskrit as a Language at school. It involves:

  • Exploring Ancient Epics, Texts and Treatises, Poetry and Songs in Sanskrit;
  • Translation, Interpretation and eventual Adaptation for Classical Dance;
  • Understanding the Length, Breadth and Depth of Sanskrit as a Language, its Features and Significance.