As a part commercial and part philanthropic organization, Junoon is a very young foundation with high aspirations. Join our movement to enable an awareness and diffusion of the Classical Arts by contributing to the project and development initiative of your choice.


Explore our proposal to document Junoon in varied-length formats across our projects.



Our filming and documentary Project Director, Nina Robin, is a France-based artist-researcher who has given Junoon aesthetic direction since its inception. She uses digital photography, alternative prints, Virtual Reality and traditional film and editing processes as mediums for Art. She aims to create for Junoon, a cross-media creation of multiple format films, with an extremely talented team of photographers, cinematographers, editors, ideators and other technical support staff, as she continues to define our aesthetic and visual representation.

Our filming project aims to tell the story of the spread of Classical Arts - particularly Classical Dance - across the different demographics and geographies of contemporary India and the social, cultural, economic and ideological impact the availability of artistic opportunities, training and platforms can make.

Our films aim to capture the following:

  1. The portraits of people who make Junoon today - facilitators, support staff, students and well-wishers.
  2. The combinations and contrasts of different socio-economic backgrounds and settings where Junoon operates.
  3. The extreme conditions that our projects cope with and perform under.
  4. The rigorous training regimen that practitioners of The Junoon Methodology partake in and the high standards and precision that we hope to keep with.
  5. What comes out of our training and time together - the Junoon creations and productions.
  6. The social impact and empowerment the artistic exposure we provide creates.
  7. How the work of Junoon is gradually ensuring the Arts enters the very basic fabric of our people's existence (everywhere Junoon operates) with their exposure to and the opportunities created by the Classical Arts.


Maahi Shah is a media consultant and freelance journalist. She has been involved with Junoon since its inception in March 2020 and has covered its multi-faceted journey through independent projects.

Bhavik Kadecha is a cinematographer and has worked as a DOP at The Wedding Filmer as well as pursued independent multi-media formats such as documentaries, ad films, interviews and more.

Together, the two creatives are looking to document the journey of Junoon in Dhasa, Gujarat, the importance of an education in the arts and the impact that has been created at an individual and community level.

When Junoon was founded in 2020, the vision was clear: making classical dance accessible and inclusive regardless of one's gender, age, ability and economic background. The rural outreach in Gujarat became the organisation's primary endeavour, fulfilling several if not all of Junoon's goals.

The film proposed is a participatory documentary beginning with Mythili's WHY - an insight into her vision, passion and purpose, the stories of the children and women in Dhasa and finally, the three-fold impact created from accessibility and social reform (in terms of gender roles and social position) at the community levels, and body image and mental health at the individual level.

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Maahi Shah

Maahi Shah

Project Director

Bhavik Kadecha

Bhavik Kadecha

Project Director

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