A Summer ended somewhere and a Summer began elsewhere and so, we made our way back to Dhasa to conduct our "back-to-school-post-summer" Rural Outreach.

This time round, amid a cyclone.

Here are a bunch of write-ups from start to end to really feel the pulse of that erratic week:

And so a Summer ends somewhere and a Summer begins elsewhere, And we persevere, with our Rural Outreach despite the weather!

This is Junoon from amid a cyclone, here in Dhasa. Seriously, what has ever held back the Junoon?!

We simply had to get to the kids and them to us!

And so, we have made it back to Dhasa, amid a cyclone to conduct the "back to school-post summer -beginning of year" Outreach.

The girls are looking so incredibly strong and relentless, walking into class, despite stormy weather.

It has been unpredictable. But we persevere. Because this is Junoon. And we will have it no other way!

There is simply too much movement to explore!

And we persevere, after a night of incessant rain, fierce winds - a storm and cyclone, all in one.

The girls are keeping their balance despite everything the weather is doing to imbalance us.

We're also trying to keep our humour intact by inviting the Sun with Surya Namaskaras to grace us and calm the winds a tad.

We are getting all the training we can in - being as versatile under the circumstances. With no electricity, there's no music to keep with but we are going with rhythmic cycles and verbal instructions.

We are glad to announce some new surprises with new students auditioning this year. As a result of the added talent, our pool now widens into dancing singers and singing dancers who have also had their sessions today - sharpening rhythmic and melodic skills.

It is truly a never-before-seen experience this time round and a lesson in coping and persisting, come what may!

What do I say?
Life happens and Junoon happens anyway.

I cannot even begin to describe what we have felt every twenty minutes, night and day, through this week. Winds, Storms, Heat, Sunshine, Breeze, Swaying Trees, Puddles, Floods, Dry earth, Mucky earth - bamboozling weather shifts throughout this cyclone that has hit the Western Coast of India.

But we kept going, because we simply did. Because we had to and wanted to and Art just kept our spirits high despite the highs and lows of everything happening outside.

We have run in the rain, under rainbows and some Sun, we have danced our best, music or none, inside the studio, we have sung and kept rhythm and worked our bodies and minds and supported one another like only artistes and athletes and Classical Dancers like us can!

And so, here we are, new girls and old, strong, sure, tired, tanned, energized, ready to rest and roll, because this is Junoon and this is another Rural Outreach done!

Another Rural Outreach Done!

What do we say?
Despite everything, we go on.
Because nothing holds back Junoon!

Honestly though, this has been a tough, whimsical and unrelenting week filled with so much uncertainty - given that we have been amid a cyclone that has hit the Western Indian coastline.

Dhasa was in the direct line the cyclone was taking and the weather has been turning on us every twenty minutes - rain, storms, heavy winds, harsh Sun, breeze, puddles and floods, dry heat and rainbows even! We have never experienced anything like this outside the windows of our studio and around us and above our heads whilst outdoors!

But we came through!
We have new girls joining the pack, the old ones continue to move up the ladder as they progress with practice and technique.

We understood music better since we didn't have any playing in the background for the most part. So there was loads of singing and rhythm setting this time round.

We have run in all sorts of changing weather. We have worked together to get stronger and true to the goddess, this Outreach stint has tested us, our will to Dance and our will to go on, like no other.

We practiced Classical Dance by breaking it at times, with Sufi movement explorations and humour and lots and lots of smiles even though we were sweating and hurting and miserable inside.

Our Art has truly empowered us.
Our girls are shining like the Sun we hope will come out and finally, stay!