It has been a remarkable chance for us to sit back and learn from our Girls in Grey in THE JUNOON GURUKUL.

In a unique session curated, scripted and structured by the girls themselves, they teach me everyday how to co-operate, co-ordinate, really listen to one another and patiently reflect on the beauty, power and bounty of Art.

Their freedom is earned. From the commitment they have made to this parallel Arts curriculum. And we couldn't be more rewarded than to see them take charge of themselves like they have.

They are working towards defining their TAPASYA - the discipline they have to embody every day of their lives in order to become the artists they are destined to be.

Over the years we've learnt from the most wonderful teachers that we only have to nudge students in a direction we can see they have the drive for and voila! they can surprise you with what they do with that initial impetus.

We see that lesson playing out today, for real.

Our girls are leaders. And leaders they shall remain. Free and for the Arts.