Artistic Fitness


This program employs Classical and Balletic technique to lengthen, strengthen and prepare musculature for artistic movement.

Participants on the program achieve fluidity in the limbs, improved posture and flexibility and long, lean, sleek muscles that not only enable and enhance movement, balance and coordination but also physical fitness.

This would be ideal for dancers looking to become Classical Dancers; those looking for a taste of Classical movement as well as those looking for a fun and fluid way to turn fitter with the added adrenaline that flowing to music Classically brings…

Fitness is both a prerequisite and a consequence of being a Classical Dancer. We’re here to take you on this journey of cause and effect. We’re here to empower you through movement. We’re here to make you experience Art and get fit, most Classically, with a bespoke training experience curated to the needs, functionality and growing artistic and athletic potential of children and the variety that women seek for enhanced mobility and longevity in health and fitness.

The Fit Bear is a space where wellness is approached in a multi-layered, unique and purposeful manner and Junoon seeks to add the Artistry in this cave.

Welcome to an Artistic Fitness endeavour like no other!



Our Artistic Fitness program is age neutral. We carefully consider your fitness levels, goals and progress in order to curate a session that is fitting for you.

In the words of our mentors, Sleek Technique, “Age is a number. And strength is timeless. Maintaining our strength as we age is more than just a fitness goal, it is a lifestyle choice that fuels our vitality and independence.”

Whilst preparing Dancers for Classical Dance and helping the many others get fit in a creative and curated manner, Artistic Fitness is about feeling good, having more energy, improved mobility, enhanced balance, better mental well being (gained from more strength and less stress) and increased longevity for all of life’s adventures!

Join the Junoon and get artistically fit with us!




“With the onset of the New Year (for a lot of us celebrating Diwali), we kicked off The Junoon Artistic Fitness workshop at The Fit Bear Cave (@the_fitbearcave )!”

“Our first attendee was dearest @sanikakulpe , a Classical Dancer of Bharata Natyam and practicing Physio Therapist, who tells us more about what we’re doing bio-mechanically right, as you swipe to listen to her testimonial…”

“This is that rare combination of fitness drills that help you flow into Classical movement and we know for sure that we’re engaging, conditioning and strengthening the right muscle groups!”

“This was created for dancers and non-dancers alike, because moving and being fit, ultimately benefits us all!”

“We can’t wait to flow with all our attendees through this week in the workshop!”

“Thank you @bhavishakothari21 for being all the motivation and presence we need. (PS: She’s running her own sessions at The Cave. Find out more here: @bodyfirst_fitness ).”