Artistic Residency, Azerbaijan

Effective May 2024, Junoon has partnered with DanceAbility Azerbaijan (DAA), in an effort to make movement spaces more inclusive and equitable...

Cultural Collaboration, Izmir, Turkey

Effective December 2023, Junoon began presenting Classical Dance at Arts Centres in Izmir, Turkey. Beginning with a demonstrative performance...

Rural Outreach, Dhasa, India

Our Junoon first began with this endeavour in Rural Saurashtra. It grows every day, all over the region of Dhasa and beyond, reaching more village Girls and Women, bringing them one step closer to Classical Movement and the supporting Arts and Sports...

Rural Outreach, Tamil Nadu

In January 2023, Junoon partnered with Sharana, a social and developmental organization in Pondicherry, India to carry Classical Dance and Movement in a therapeutic capacity to Women and Girls who are economically disadvantaged and victims of abuse in the rural region of Angalakuppam...


We began this endeavour in 2022 to carry a parallel Arts curriculum, premises on the ancient Gurukul system of learning, centred on Classical Dance that gives insight into all the other Classical Arts that support Classical Dance. The Junoon Gurukul was first begun as part of our Artistic Residency enabled by one of India's largest conglomerates, Tatasons, at the Avasara Academy in Pune, India. We operated the extension by teaching and training girls at the academy from varied backgrounds. Through their time in Gurukul, they have performed multiple times, imbibed dance technique, developed their artistry and reflected immensely on their immersive learning experience with, for and of the Arts. View More


The Junoon Fellowship is a unique opportunity for students currently in secondary school to explore their artistic inclinations, passions and curiosities.
Centred on Classical Dance, the fellowship will have students discover the different Classical Arts - Performative, Fine and Literary - that are relevant to Dance and in doing so come to understand their own willingness and capacities for this variety of Art forms.
The idea is to communicate and convince that the Arts are as important a pursuit as any. That aspiring to a career in the Arts entails incredible commitment and limitless possibility, perspective and passion.
It prioritizes the athletic, dramatic and academic inclinations of the students as dancing is such a physical, expressive art form with its origins in ancient literature.


Junoon is a Foundation committed to building an awareness and diffusion of Classical Dance in India and Globally.
We pioneer Classical Arts and Movement initiatives all over the world, with partners, patrons and professionals, to benefit and empower the socio-economically disadvantaged and marginalized communities with a knowledge, understanding and practice of the Arts.

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As we script The Junoon Methodology, take a look at the workshops, programs and Artistic Fitness initiatives that Junoon conducts, curated to the needs of the institution/s we work with.


The Junoon Method is a unique, immersive, inclusive and holistic curriculum designed to deliver training in and an understanding of Classical Dance and related Arts, Sciences, Sports and Studies to a student of Junoon.

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This program employs Classical and Balletic technique to lengthen, strengthen and prepare musculature for artistic movement and a fun fitness routine for those looking to flow Classically.

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Cultural Collaboration at BSB Arts, Izmir

This famed Arts Centre in Izmir, Turkey, hosts a cultural exchange of performances, activities and workshops with us. We present and discover new pathways to intertwine, better appreciate and perform Sufi, Turkish, Balletic and Indian Classical Dance concepts and choreography.

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The Junoon Methodology is put to use in our workshops and demonstrative talks for Classical Dance where Dancers across demographics, abilities and tendencies discuss, learn about and engage with the Classical Arts.

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Art is never without purpose.
Hence, Junoon is here for a reason.
Or many…

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The Logo of Junoon is fiery, passionate and powerful as the name suggests.

It has been hand drawn by an artist who was inspired to create a symbol of light, energy and intensity – The three relentless children of Art.

The torch directs, the script runs along.

Art, after all, is both focused and flowy. Inside the word “Junoon”, it dances with passion, poise, purpose and perpetuity

The word dances. And so does the world of Junoon…

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JUNOON is fuelled by the certainty that dancing – classical, contemporary, casual or correct – contrary to popular belief, is for everybody.

Even when you stumble and fall, As do we all, JUNOON seeks to put dance at hand when anybody needs to reach out!

Dance is the most powerful Art of non-verbal communication.

It uses and heightens the most natural human stimulus to move.

That this movement can go right to someone’s soul is what makes Dance an Art form. And Art is for everybody, irrespective of age, gender, size, stature, state and stage.

This is everything that’s on offer for everyone…

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Art is often the privilege of a few. It shouldn’t be. Just as clean air, water, shelter, clothing and full bellies don’t fall into the laps of us all, Art has been stowed away into treasure chests that are unlocked by a chosen few. Its inaccessibility is our collective embarrassment.

Art is a good thing. It does us all so much good.

Good things that do good things are a necessity. It is for this reason that Art, privilege as it may be, must extend to one and all…

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Art is meant to be liberating.

This freedom extends to the realm of Classical Dance.

JUNOON, as a movement, an organization, a brand and a collective for the awareness, training, dissemination, practice and performance of Classical Dance holds no biases of gender, language, religion or story line.

In so far as who can dance, what can be danced and why the dance is danced.

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Our publications have been written to acquaint readers with Classical Dance.

Our hope is that it will reach readers who love Classical Dance, Who love it without knowing much about it, Without knowing why they love it.

Our hope is that it will move people who have never witnessed a Classical Dance performance to discover what they have missed.

As for the connoisseurs, we hope to give you a candid view of how practitioners of the Art…

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Take a quick, consolidated Walkthrough Junoon

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Our first offering, a written collection, is now available for purchase. More details on individual pieces follow...


The body is a dancer’s biggest instrument. This publication presents theories and directives passed down...


Where and how do we make a beginning with Classical Dance? This publication has all the answers.











As a part commercial and part philanthropic organization, Junoon is a very young foundation with high aspirations. Join our movement to enable an awareness and diffusion of the Classical Arts by contributing to the project and development initiative of your choice


Explore our most immediate requirements to expand infrastructure across projects.

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Explore our proposal to document Junoon in varied-length formats across our projects.

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This is everything Junoon aspires to and is working towards in view of Pedagogy and Productions. Trace our journey from seed to tree to a forest fire!

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Victoria Marr

Director and Co Founder of Sleek Technique

Mythili is not only merging two very different styles of dance in this incredible project, she is crossing cultural boundaries. Her insight and passion for both Indian and Classical Dance shine through in the quality and care of her teaching as she opens new doors to an artform with Junoon. In an artistic, creative and nurturing environment she is bringing the positive physical and mental benefits of dance training to all the young women involved. We have long been champions of Mythili and her amazing vision for this project which she continues to propel forward with strength and grace.

Tarini Tiwari

Actor & Marketing Professional in the Charity Sector

Junoon is a fantastic endeavour, reconnecting a nation with one of its oldest art forms. I’ve known Mythili as a brilliant performer for many years, and Junoon encompasses not only her incredible dance abilities, but also her entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve also seen how Junoon might use dance to support the mental health and wellbeing of young people around the world, as well as connect people from other countries with the traditional dance forms of India. Junoon has the potential to become one of the pillars of India’s arts, culture, and education space.

Zeba Khan

Visual Arts Professional and Teacher

As a teacher who has seen Mythili grow into a beautiful graceful lady I can confidently say that Mythili’s classes are a perfect blend of classic and contemporary styles, offering a unique and enriching experience for young. It is evident that Mythili is not only a talented dancer but also a passionate and dedicated teacher. She brings an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm to her sessions, making sure every student feels included and motivated. Her expertise in both classic and contemporary dance forms allows her to create a curriculum that is diverse and comprehensive, catering to the varied interests and skills of her students.

Zeba Khan

Visual Arts Professional and Teacher

One of the most remarkable aspects of Mythili’s teaching style is her emphasis on grace and elegance. She instills in her students a deep appreciation for the beauty of dance, encouraging them to express themselves through fluid and graceful movements. The classes are designed to enhance the students’ poise and confidence, both on and off the dance floor.

Zeba Khan

Visual Arts Professional and Teacher

Moreover, Mythili’s approach to dance is not just about technique; it is also about empowerment. She creates a supportive and encouraging environment where students feel safe to explore their creativity and push their boundaries. Her positive reinforcement and individualized attention ensure that each student progresses at their own pace, building their self-esteem and love for dance.

Zeba Khan

Visual Arts Professional and Teacher

The life lessons learned through these dance classes are invaluable, making Mythili’s program at Junoon a truly holistic and empowering experience.

Rajshri Doshi

Mentor & Social Entrepreneurship professional

I know Mythili since she was an adolescent. What stood out to me even at that time was her JUNOON for dance, social work and belief of what can be achieved through arts.
Her clarity of thought, determination and focused energy even at that time amazed me.
What she envisioned 8/9 yrs back has become a reality today. Junoon has made pathbreaking progress for children across spectrum…rural, urban, young , old, privileged , less privileged, children with different abilities and now even across borders.
In such a short span of 3 yrs Junoon has already created multiple milestones. And yet this is just the beginning.
Mythili has her eyes set on breaking all myths regarding dance and what it can or cannot achieve. Every moment she eats breathes and thinks of Junoon and that is making her dream become a reality.
I wish her and her team with all the participants loads of love and luck to JUNOONify everyone.

Rahul Bhandare

Comics and other Illustrations (Artist)

To celebrate art in motion and to share that with everyone, I think that really is a beautiful endevour. To me, Junoon is a possibility of what young (and old) India can be and express. Most importantly, it is a hope that dance as an art form can help us create a better world. So let there be more moves!

Nisarg Barot

Photographer (Artist)

I’ve known about Junoon since it’s infancy stage. It’s a project, birthed out of sheer love that Mythili has for Classical Dance.
It’s a platform for self-expression. A place to to talk about Classical Dance and it’s relevance in our culture and it’s significance in our lives.
A form of art that allows you to connect with others, but also quite importantly one’s self.
Their first rural outreach program was just the beginning and there’s so much more to come.

Urvashi Devidayal

Associate Vice President (Sankalp, India)

Junoon is the start of a beautiful movement of dance, art & the written word where you can get immersed in the incredible intersection of cultures. This is a pivotal moment in cultural movements that I hope millions get to experience.

Ayesha Mehra

Entrepreneur and Philosopher (Artist)

Junoon – an incredibly apt word for an incredible initiative and woman behind it. Mythili Zatakia has founded ‘Junoon’ (meaning passion), an organisation to share her passion and skills for classical dance far across an India beyond reach. With girls (and boys) who have no means of reaching or harnessing the power of classical dance as a form of expression. And boy does she put her passion into it, heart and soul!

Ayesha Mehra

Entrepreneur and Philosopher (Artist)

I need only have met Mythili once after she took the Junoon quest to know what it’s about, because of how strongly she exudes its vision. What a beautiful thing, to take a skilled art like dance, which has powers of healing, self-expression, historical significance, community, and movement therapy, and share it with people! Not least people who don’t have a platform for either dancing at all, or self-expression or healing, and need it so desperately! (Don’t we all?)

Ayesha Mehra

Entrepreneur and Philosopher (Artist)

That probably explains the glow on Mythili’s face after her pilot for the outreach program – in Gujarat – to have experienced the rewarding energy of providing this dynamic dance platform to girls in the village of Dhasa, and understand its potential for them. Who knows where Junoon will take these girls, but sky’s the limit! Once it sets up this network and platform as it’s determined to do, these little pockets of unlocked creativity, skill, and wondrous initiative in India will find their way to a brighter and more joyful tomorrow, there’s no doubt! My hopes and heart are with Mythili, Junoon, and all these dancing queens to be.

Nisarg Barot

Photographer (Artist)

Junoon is about Classical Dance. A staple of our lives.
Junoon is about love. The one that binds you with the force of the cosmos.
Junoon is life.
Come be part of Mythili’s journey and explore the world of Classical Dance with her.

Sunaina Bhuchar Likhari

Classical Dancer & Doctor (Artist)

Besides our capacity for love, what makes us uniquely human is our ability to create. This is our legacy. In this way, Junoon’s mission to share the lifelong gift of classical dance in underserved communities, contributes directly to our collective humanity. In a time fraught with global challenges from pandemics to climate change to economic instability, empowering young and eager minds with a creative outlet that has the potential to change their communities and the world— and Art does have this power— is both a noble and necessary effort.

Shivani Danave

Design and Illustration (Artist)

My acquaintance with Junoon was built through my work with Mythili. I have always admired her passion for classical dance and Junoon is a perfectly inspiring product of the same. The outreach program in Gopalgram is not only heartwarming but a but a beautiful example of giving back to society by nurturing young minds.
What I admire about Junoon is that it is not restricted to a particular art form. Hence, I am excited to see how a full fledged art movement unravels from it. A collaborative space for creatives from different fields is bound to be a delightful and innovative experience that I look forward to follow and grow from!

Bhumika Talreja

Founder, Be Stories

As an artist, the passion that I see in Mythili for Junoon is incredibly inspiring! Her love of and for the cultural dance forms and vision of spreading it across the world is deeply heartwarming. Her courage to break the traditional barriers and create a separate world for Junoon is clearly visible in every step she takes. I have also had the chance to practice Dance Fitness with her and it was truly an amazing experience!